Double Your Rewards & Save with Zoetis Products


Pet owners can earn 2X the Rewards on their eligible purchase of a full-year of protection on Simpirica TRIO, revolution PLUSProHeart 12, and Simpirica. Use promo code: DOUBLE2021 now through 9/30/2021.

Pet owners can also earn 2X the Rewards and save with their first purchase of Apoquel! Use promo code: APOQUEL2021 now through 9/30/2021.

Visit the Zoetis Rewards at or text "REWARDS" to 399-36.

Simparica Trio Bonus Offer for First Time Buyers!

Pet owners purchasing Simparica Trio for the first time will be able to earn additional bonus points* with their initial purchase.

  • Earn an additional $15 in rewards with a 6-month purchase of Simparica Trio ($40 total)
  • Earn an additional $25 in rewards with 12-month purchase of Simparica Trio ($80 total)

Visit to learn more and start earning rewards today!

*Offer is valid from November 16, 2020 – December 31, 2021.


Care Enough to Share

With our unique Care Enough to Share referral program, every current client of Lange Animal Hospital who refers a new client to our practice for the first time can receive a $50* credit to their account for each new referral. Plus, for each new referral, the new client can receive $50* off their examination for their pet at the first visit!

We consider referrals the greatest compliment we can receive, so if you’ve already referred someone to our practice, or if you plan to refer someone soon, we thank you. Everything we do here at Lange Animal Hospital is centered on pets and the people who love them, and we’re always happy to meet new pets and owners.

If you’d like to learn more about our Care Enough to Share referral program, give us a call at 865-690-6481. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

*$50 account credit is limited to one pet per household and is to be used as a credit on a veterinary exam only.

Year-Round Dental Promotion

We recommend that all pets have a dental exam at least once a year and that you brush your pet's teeth at home. This combination of professional pet dental care and at-home dental care can help lower or even eliminate the risk of gum disease. During your pets dental exam, we can determine if a cleaning is necessary.

Throughout the year, we offer dental cleanings and x-rays for pets at a discounted rate (50-100% depending on size). Be sure to contact us if you’d like to know more about this promotion.


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