Welcoming Your Family into Our Family

Whether your companion is a cat, dog, or cat who thinks he’s a dog, we know how important he is to you, because we have four-legged friends, too. We know the special role that pets play in families, so we want to help them live life to the fullest in any way we can.

At Lange Animal Hospital, we welcome you and your canine and feline companions like family, and we’re committed to delivering nothing but quality care. Our Knoxville animal hospital is conveniently located near Fort Sanders West, across the street from Bill Jones Music. We’re equipped to meet a wide range of your pet’s needs while equipping YOU with information to help you be a responsible, informed owner.

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Clients Are Talkin’… and We’re Listenin’

Thank you all for all the wonderful care you have taken of my canine children for the last 17 years!

Dawn G.

Our Pledge to Pets

Here at our Knoxville animal hospital, our love for pets and desire to nurture the human-animal bond isn’t expands far beyond the walls of our building. We extend our mission of helping pets and people alike with what we’ve called Josh and Friends. Josh and Friends is a project that was created to further the mission of therapy dogs—led by Josh, a loving golden retriever—that help children in need.

Want to learn more about THIS PROJECT
and how YOU CAN be a part of it?

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Canine Influenza

In response to the canine influenza cases that have popped us in our area, Lange Animal Hospital is prepared to help you keep your pet protected. The specific strand of the virus has been identified as H3N2 influenza, and we carry the vaccine that protects your pet against this virus.

Pets that spend a lot of time with other dogs in boarding facilities, dog parks, and dog shows are more susceptible to contracting canine influenza; and puppies and senior dogs are at also at increased risk. But in this situation, our doctors recommend that all dogs should be vaccinated.

Symptoms of H3N2 influenza include:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal discharge
  • fever

We highly recommend scheduling an appointment to get your pet started on the vaccine series. There is an initial vaccine and a booster which will follow three weeks afterward. Following this, your pet will need to be vaccinated annually to be protected against H3N2 influenza. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your pet’s vaccination appointment.