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Meet Our Artist in Residence

We are proud to introduce Lange Animal Hospital’s in-house pet portrait artist, Lesley James of Abingdon, Virginia.

Lesley has many years of pet portrait experience and has illustrated Dr. Lange’s second and third children’s books, G.I. Josh, I’ll Be O.K. and The Elk Horn Grove Adventure, coming out later this year. She is currently at work illustrating Dr. Lange’s fourth book, The Smoky Mountain Adventure.

Lesley is best known for creating unique realistic portraits of pets and people with striking colors and a crisp illustrative technique. She enjoys painting subjects of deep personal significance to her patrons, and creating personalized heirlooms that can be cherished for generations. Lesley is influenced by artists such as Norman Rockwell, Joseph Lorusso, and Leonardo DaVinci. She is also greatly inspired by her peers Catherine Walden, Tracy Ference, Larry Adams, Ian Goldsmith, Dede Gold, and Margarey Horvat.

At Lange Animal Hospital, we’re committed to preserving your pet’s health—Lesley James is committed to preserving your memories. If you’re interested in learning more about Lesley’s work, meet our artist, or would like to commission a portrait of your pet, see her contact information below.

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