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If you’re looking for vets in West Knoxville who will love your pet just as much as you do, you’re in the right place! Lange Animal Hospital is staffed with friendly, experienced doctors who are committed to caring for pets with the same level of care that they’d want for their own pets.


Randall L. Lange, DVM   |   Owner

Education: Earned DVM from Iowa State University in 1975, along with my twin brother, Rick.

Personal life/career journey: I’m a farm boy from Iowa who has resided in beautiful east Tennessee for 40 years and is proud to say that my blood is definitely orange now! Go Vols! Rick and I opened up the original Lange Animal Hospital in December, 1977, but we were condemned by the Pellissippi Parkway and forced to relocate to our current location in March, 1993. Tragically, Dr. Rick was involved in a fatal automobile accident in November of 1999, but his spirit continues to guide all of us at LAH every day. He is missed very much!

Pets: Josh 4.0, a golden retriever, and the face of Lange Animal Hospital's non-profit for children, Josh and Friends

Family: Wife, Christy, and daughter, Jessica

Hobbies: Working out, basketball, biking, shooting, guitar, and writing children’s books (including ones about his golden retriever, Josh, as the main character)

Most rewarding part of your career: Becoming a part of so many families by caring for their family pets, and using the human-animal bond to help people, especially children in need

Greatest life accomplishment: Being a devoted husband and father

Favorite comfort food: Cookies and cream ice cream, chili, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Three things you love: My Lord Jesus Christ, my family (including my dogs), and children, especially those in need

Advice for pet owners: 1) always be alpha in your pack of pets, 2) make time to become a big part of your pets’ lives, and 3) always feed the best diets to your pets (and not human food).

Kelly Miller, DVM

Education: University of Tennessee, 1992

Family: Husband, Kevin, and daughter, Josie

Pets: Nelli (Corgi), and Cellour, Knievel, Max, Rufus (cats)

Most rewarding part of your career: All the wonderful relationships I have with the owners of my patients

Greatest life accomplishment: Being a mom

Favorite comfort food: Coffee and chocolate

Three things you love: My family, my pets, and afternoon naps

Advice for pet owners: Basic obedience is a must for all dogs, and preventative care is essential for a healthy pet.

Fun fact: I have run five marathons.


Wade Milam, DVM

Education: University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, 1995

Family: Wife, Courtney, and four children

Pets: Zion, a mixed breed, Darby, a golden doodle, and Naama, a doodle

Hobbies: Hiking, fly fishing, and reading

Favorite part of your career: Relationships built with people and their pets

Greatest life accomplishment: Convincing my wife to marry me

Favorite comfort food: Hamburgers and fries

Three things you love: Singing in church, reading history, and exploring national parks

Katy Malone Burton, DVM

Education: UTCVM, 2000

Pets: Archie (cat), Petunia (DSH), Roo (Chihuahua)

Hobbies: Hiking, running, volleyball, and paddle boarding

Most rewarding part of your career: Building relationships with my clients

Favorite comfort food: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Three things you love: My kids, Jesus, and the ocean. I also enjoy going to area kindergarten classes to teach kids about veterinary medicine.


Shannon Cruze   |   Practice Manager

Family: Husband, Michael, and four kids including the newest addition, Gabe, (often seen at the hospital)

Pets: Lulu (lab), Sophie (tabby cat), and Night terror (demon cat)

Most rewarding part of career: Getting to do what I love and build relationships both with employees and clients

Greatest life accomplishment: So far, keeping four tiny humans alive

Favorite comfort food: Mac and cheese

Three things I love: My family, watching my kids play sports, and reading in silence (with a nice glass of wine)

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