Boarding & Daycare at Camp Lange

Lange Animal Hospital provides your pet with state­ of-the-art boarding facilities. With a capacity for over sixty dogs and thirty cats we can take care of your boarding needs. The dog kennels have a rubber-epoxy coated bottom floor panel which keeps your pet dry, warm, and off the ground. The cat cages look out onto a landscaped outdoor area. All facilities are fully heated and air-conditioned to ensure your pet’s comfort. Any medications your pet requires will be given as instructed while boarding. Remember to bring the medication(s) along with your pet as well as written instructions for medicating your pet(s). No pets will be discharged to anyone other than the owner(s) unless arrangements are made in advance, along with a signed statement directing us to release your pet to someone other than you. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Pets are released only during regular office hours. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Please call well in advance of required boarding time to make your reservations as we fill up quickly. (865) 690-6481.